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We believe that every epic adventure begins when you leave the shore.

About us

We’re a group of people who believe in “kids these days”. We believe that if we can help connect young people to meaningful career paths and work with a purpose, the world will be a better place. Not like a warm-and-fuzzy-close-your-eyes-and-kumbaya better place, a real, tangible, better place to live, work and play.

We believe that there are companies out there that care more about people with passion, drive and innovation than they do about a piece of paper that a potential employee may, or may not, have.

We know that when young workers with purpose and change-making companies meet, magic happens. Companies grow and thrive and young employees learn, progress and give back to the ecosystem.

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Claim the future

When we were starting Raise Your Flag, we faced the challenge that many new companies face. What do we call our company? We toyed with the idea of made up words and words nobody could pronounce. But when we really thought about what we wanted Raise Your Flag to be, we didn’t feel right about those options. We started talking about how we wanted users of Raise Your Flag to be able to “declare” a path the way college-bound students get to “declare” a major in school. We wrote words down like: adventure, new beginnings, explore, unknown, space, claim and declare.

We all loved the idea of an explorer finding an uninhabited land or better yet, a space explorer finding a new planet, raising their flag and claiming it as theirs.

To us, our logo represents possibility. It represents the potential that we have to put ourselves in new places, to learn new things and to do things we never thought possible.

And so the adventure begins.


Ryan Porter

Founder & CEO

Ryan’s a decider, a storyteller and a say-what-needs-to-be-said-even-if-it-makes-the-room-uncomfortabler. He’s spent the past 8 years helping young people decide their next steps and even wrote a book on that very topic.

When he’s not on a stage, answering emails or on an airplane, Ryan’s in Japan eating strange foods and sleeping on trains.


Sergiy Dybskiy

Co-Founder & Lead Developer

Sergiy Dybskiy is a learner, a doer and a carve-his-own-path-helping-others-along-the-wayer. Sergiy’s a dedicated developer who’s spent his most recent development time pushing Meteor to the limits and establishing his expertise in the community.

When Sergiy’s not building web apps at lightspeed, eating great food or on the soccer field, he’s reading silly blogs or learning from thought leaders in business and software development.

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