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In the workplace, fewer skills are as important as communication. Communication is about so much more than: "Me talk. You listen". Communication is being able to deliver information and instructions (through what you say, how you act, what you write etc) in a way that your audience understands. It's also about listening and being aware of the communication that's happening when you're not talking. Bottom line: master this skill to become a seriously irreplaceable member of any work team.  

Communication badge on Raise Your Flag

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Employee Introduction Challenge

This is Sonia. She’s just been hired as the newest sales associate for your sales team. Every time a new sales associate gets hired, another employee writes an introduction for them that the sales manager reads to the rest of the sales staff.

Your Challenge: Write an introduction for Sonia to be read by your sales manager at Monday’s sales meeting.

Product Recall Challenge

Bad news. You’re the bakery section manager of Sam’s Superfood grocery store. The bakery that supplies your chewy chocolate chip cookies just called you to tell you that in their most recent batch of cookies, they mistook salt for sugar. The cookies are all filled with salt and are making people sick.

Your Challenge: Write a one-paragraph recall notice for your local newspaper letting customers know about the mistake and instructions on what to do and how you’re fixing the problem.

Vacation Request Challenge

As a full time employee of Pleasantville Health Clinic, you’re allowed to take two weeks vacation every year. In four months your family is taking an epic three-week European vacation ending in England for your cousin’s wedding and you, of course, are invited to go.

Your Challenge: Write an email to your boss asking for an extra week of vacation this year to join your family on their trip.
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