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Customer Service

You've probably heard the saying, "the customer is always right". And while that isn't entirely true, that phrase captures the essence of Customer Service. Treat your customers with respect, make them feel valued and do what you can to help make their day, week, month or year better. By completing the challenges and earning the Customer Service badge, you're proving to employers that their customers would be in good hands with you serving them.

Customer Service badge on Raise Your Flag

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Email Challenge

A customer emails you in a panic. They ordered a present for their nephew from your company's website. The package arrived today but was the wrong item. Their nephew's birthday is in two days and the customer isn't sure what they should do or how you can help.

Your Challenge: Write the customer an email that helps them feel a bit more calm about the situation and explain to them what your company can do in this situation.

Facebook Challenge

A customer had an awesome experience last time they were in your restaurant and took to Facebook to let the whole world know. People who understand Customer Service understand that it's not always about knowing how to respond to angry or disappointed customers, it's also about knowing how to deal with happy customers.

Your Challenge: Reply to the customers Facebook post.

Twitter Challenge

An angry customer mentions your company in an angry tweet about the poor service they experienced last time they were in your store. What makes it worse is that they mentioned how much more they like your number one competitor.

Your Challenge: In a tweet (140 characters or less), try to make things right with them and change their opinion of your company's customer service.
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