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True leaders have found a perfect balance between talking and listening, learning and instructing, thinking and doing. Companies go to great lengths to find and develop leaders in their companies because they know with great leaders, the sky’s the limit. Show a company that you have the leadership qualities that they’re looking for, and you’ll be greatly rewarded for it. Bottom line: companies are always looking for great leaders. Show that you have this skill and you’re in.

Leadership badge on Raise Your Flag

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Big Decision challenge

Being a great leader sometimes feels a little like a ‘tug of war’. You have decisions you need to make and you’re often being pulled in different directions. Great leaders understand what it means to make a clear decision and be able to back up why they made that decision.

Your Challenge: You’re the lead designer of BossHoss Games, an iPhone game development company. You’re designing a logo and need to choose between a bear, an anchor and a top hat for the logo. Choose one, then in the space provided, explain which you chose and why.

Employee Raise Challenge

Leadership means being able to say what needs to be said, when it needs to be said. It means helping others understand a vision and rallying them around that vision. It also means making tough decisions that could impact people positively and others negatively.

Your Challenge: You’re the supervisor of a 5 person customer service team. One of your employees is asking you for a raise. In a brief memo (the space provided) to that employee, explain if you will give them the raise or not and provide 3 reasons why/why not.

Leadership Interview Challenge

One of the best ways to sharpen your skills as a leader is studying people who you believe are good leaders. They could be celebrities, artists, government officials, famous business people, family members or pretty much anybody else. Understanding how they gained their leadership skills may help you to step up your leadership game.

Your Challenge: Choose one person you believe is a good leader. Tell us who they are and why you chose them. Then, below their name/reason for choosing them, write 10-15 questions you’d ask them in an interview to help you become a better leader.
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