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Philz Coffee Badge

Philz Coffee is so much more than a coffee shop. They exist to delight customers and provide the best experience possible. Before applying to Philz, take a couple of minutes to complete their challenge. This challenge is all about seeing how you would match up with the culture they've spent years creating. After the challenge is complete, you can go ahead with your application.

In order to complete this challenge, we need to verify your email address. We do this to make sure your challenge gets sent with your application. Please use the same email address to complete this challenge as in the application following this challenge.

The store closes at 8pm but at 8:05 a customer comes in to order coffee. The team has already cleaned the bars and you've already closed out the register. What do you do?

One of your newer team members is great at making 1-2 drinks at a time. However, when faced with a rush and 3 orders, they completely shut down, their mind goes blank, and they can’t seem to deal with the pressure.

There was a recent company-wide change in how coffee blends are iced. Everyone has been trained on the new method but you notice that one barista is still using the old method. When you approach them about it, they tell you that they think the old way tastes better and the customers agree.

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