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From Rags to Riches

Started from the bottom and we're... still like, in the middle. But some people have lost everything and come out on top. This should help you score some major inspiration and understand why Mark Twain should be your career idol.

Millennial Stereotypes: True or False?

Tired of everyone hating on millennials? Us too. That's why we're obsessed with this amazing article that does some mythbusting on attitudes toward the younger generation. This should help you get that weak mess outta here.

Bill Murray, the Career Guru?

Yeah, he's fantastic in Groundhog Day and Lost in Translation, but Bill Murray just might your new go-to career guru. This should help you be awesome at your job, according to your fave Ghostbuster.

Young and Entrepreneurial

We're totally geeking out over this Huffington Post blog series about young entrepreneurs. Read up on Elijah Murray, the co-founder of a new mortgage startup. This should help you remember that age ain't nothin' but a number.

LinkedIn; meet Tinder

If you've ever wanted to swipe right just because a Tinder match looks like, super accomplished, then you're going to love LinkedUp. It's a new dating slash networking site that redefines the coworker crush. This should help you find your next date... or your next job connection.

Fast Food Workers, Unite!

Working fast food isn't easy. This should help you find a way to relieve the stress of working in such a demanding environment with somebody who knows about it all too well.

Working with Slackers

Ugh, the slacker coworker, amiright? They drag everyone else down and are the catalyst to all of your work-related frustrations. But asking just one simple question could be the secret to getting that slacker to perform. This should help you know exactly what to say to get that slacker to shape up or ship out.

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