Not everyone knows the difference between Stormy Gray and Slate, but to you, they're as contrasting as white and black: You were meant to be an interior decorator.

Choosing colors and envisioning the potential of any space is like your Hunger Games and mood lighting is a life or death situation. Check out some of the other signs that interior design is your life's calling – then you can go back to rearranging throw pillows.

1. You Rearrange Library Books by Color

Who cares about the Dewey Decimal System? Putting all the red books together just really captures the essence of the library, you know?

2. You Haven't Bought Shoes in Three Years, but You Own 46 Throw Pillows

Because clothing is important, but coordinating your couch cushions with the seasons is important-er.

3. Who Cares About the Last Episode of GoT? Where can I get an Iron Throne for my Targaryen-themed bathroom?

And also, do you think it would be possible to turn Joffrey's wine-stained wedding robe into a throw rug?

4. Restoration Hardware Catalogs Create Feelings in You That You've Never Known

And the arrival of a new one basically necessitates a national holiday, because there's no way you're getting anything done until it's read.

5. You Can't Stand the Thought of Old Furniture Going Unrefinished

"MOM! That old chair could become a garden planter!!"

6. Lazy Saturday Breakfast with Friends? Tablescape.

What, are we supposed to have brunch without fresh-cut flowers LIKE PEASANTS?!

7. A Well-Curated Coffee Table Fulfills You in a Way Nothing Else Can

Stacked books, three marble elephants and a hand-woven Nicaraguan basket? My work here is done.


8. You Watch HGTV as Competitively as Sports Fans Watch ESPN

"You're putting the 20th century art deco revival table there? COME ON!!!"

9. You Judge Someone's Character Based on Their Flooring Choices

And know that anyone who choose parquet is no friend of yours.

10. You've Briefly Considered Throwing Your Graduation Party at IKEA

It's where all your friends and meatballs are, anyway.

Hey, if your life already revolves around rearranging your furniture anyway, why not look into making interior decorating your career? Then you'd get paid for it and your roommates would stop being so annoyed.

By Jae — Conchologist

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