A late night; an early morning; a crazy day at work: they can all leave you with the covers over your head and wishing you could make a fortress out of your bed. But before you hit the snooze button, you should know that literally no one ever accomplished anything by staying in bed all day. Unless there were like, sleeping Olympics.

Is there an Olympics for sleeping? Asking for a friend.

If there isn't, then it's time to get up and tackle the day like a boss. Try these three tips to get your rise and grind on, whether you're headed to work, hustling for your own business, or training for the sleep Olympics.

1. Check Your Sleep

If you start every morning wishing you could sleep in for another three hours, we have bad news: It's not your life; it's you. You're not making sleep a priority, so you never feel rested enough to rise and grind like you mean it. Hey, we're not saying you need to go to bed at 9 p.m., but we are reminding you that successful people take care of themselves. And taking care of yourself means getting enough rest so you can be super productive in the morning. Aim for a least eight hours of shut-eye and you'll feel like a whole new person in the morning.

2. Make a List

When it doubt, make an actionable list of the stuff you have to get done today. Sometimes all the stuff you need to do can feel overwhelming to the point that you're more likely to binge-watch Stranger Things than actually get anything done. Creating a prioritized to-do list can help you see that your tasks are totally doable. Write down everything and then number it based on how important it is. Then, hit number one hard and keep going until you feel a little calmer about your life.


Not feeling super inspired? It's time to get psyched about your life. Find people who do what you do and love it. Listen to industry podcasts for new ideas and inspiration. Read blogs for tips and to interact with others who get you excited about your career.

If literally nothing makes you feel psyched about your day-to-day, guess what? It's probably time to change what you're doing so you can feed psyched.

Not every morning is going to make you feel like Superman, but you can rise and grind with the best of them if you put in the time. Rest, organization, and inspiration are all it takes to make morning the best part of your day.