We get it: You don't always have the time for a complete resume overhaul. And you might not even need one. But, since a resume is the way you present yourself to potential employers, it's probably worth a second look. Whether your resume is almost perfect as-is, or you haven't updated it for a while, there are a few ridiculously simple ways to make your resume float to the top of the pack.

1. Change the File Name

If you're like 99 percent of the job seeking population, your resume is probably saved under resume.doc or, if you're really organized, bobsresume.doc. But once those resumes are transmitted and downloaded by the hiring manager, he suddenly has like, 45 resumes all with the same or similar names. Instead, change the file name to your full name and the job title you want, such as Bob Smith Graphic Designer.doc. This makes your resume stand out in that Downloads folder and makes it easier to find and reference later.

2. Save it as a PDF

Yup, it's another file mistake: Sending your resume out as .doc file is the norm, but many companies use applicant tracking systems that don't accept .doc files. What's more, viruses can be commonly disguised as .doc files, which means some organizations or hiring managers won't even open them.

Saving your resume as a .pdf (hint: Just click the "Save As" button in Word and chose PDF) makes your resume much cleaner to open, uneditable, and easier to track.

3. Add Numbers

All those great skills look awesome, but you know what's even awesomer? Numbers. Whenever possible, make sure you quantify the things you're saying on your resume. Don't just say that you improved delivery times at your pizzeria job; say that you improved delivery times by 30 percent (if that's the truth, of course). Numbers make your resume look much more professional, actionable, and honest.

4. Fix Verb Tenses

Consistency is key when writing a resume, so make sure it all checks out. Verb tenses are one of the easiest mistakes to fixes. Make sure that you're not mixing up past and present tenses when spelling out your duties and accomplishments at your past jobs. It should be "Organized stock" and "Managed other employees," not "Organized stock" and "Manages other employees." It might seem like a minor issue, but it's a fast fix that if left unchecked makes your resume look like a total amateur hour.

These fixes should literally take no more than a few seconds each, and they could be the difference between getting the job or getting your resume shredded.