Don't get us wrong: We want you to like your job. But there's a huge difference between liking your job and being so comfortable that you never even try to improve. Being super comfortable at work might make your day-to-day easier ,but it's not exactly getting you close to your goals, is it?

When you're super comfortable at work, you might be less likely to take on new responsibility, or exceed expectations to score that promotion you once wanted. You might even be so comfy that you stop looking for new work, even if your current job isn't exactly what you want.

Watch for these warning signs and ask yourself: Is pillow-like comfort really worth putting all your career goals on the backburner?

No. The answer is no.

1. You're OK with the Bare Minimum

You know how not to get fired, and you're fine with "not getting fired" Every. Single. Day.

There's more to work than just doing enough so that you get the bare minimum done. If you really loved your job, or wanted to move up in the company, you'd be busting your butt to exceed expectations and prove that you can do more than just coast.

When your main goal is just not getting fired, you're like, Snuggie-level comfortable. Something needs to change.

2. You're Not Learning Anything

Why push yourself? It's just a job. But maybe a better question is: If it's just a job, what are you even doing there?

When you stop learning, you stop growing that comfy brain of yours. It needs to be engaged and stimulated, because a lazy brain is an inactive brain. When you decide that you've already learned everything there is to know about your job and industry, you're going to stop progressing toward any goals. Might as well just take a nap.

3. You're Fine with Saying "No"

When your boss asks you to do something and your answer is "No," it's time to reevaluate what you're doing there. Because chances are that when you started, you did everything you could to make sure your boss was happy with your work. When you're totally OK with disappointing people at work, you're definitely eating-chips-on-your-parent's-couch comfy.

Your career should push you. You should want to say "Yes!" and then exceed anyone's expectations to prove that you were worth the hire. If you're not feeling that way, it might be time to make a change.

4. There's No Advancement and You Don't Care

Stuck? Oh well, that's life.

Except it's not. Punching a time card for the exact same job for the rest of your life might be comfortable, but it's not going to get you anywhere fast. If you're totally OK with the idea of sticking in the same position, doing the same work every day, it's time to get uncomfortable – before it's too late and you're stuck for good.

5. You Stick to Yourself

Ugh, new people? Pass. But if you're constantly keeping to yourself, you might not get to know people. And even more importantly, no one knows you.

It's pretty hard to give someone a raise or promotion when you don't even know they exist. Keeping to yourself might be comfortable, but it can seriously stunt your growth. The occasional work lunch or making an effort to get to know someone new can help you make yourself heard when the time is right.

Hey, we all love being comfortable (especially when it involves Netflix and nachos). But being too comfortable at work could mean coasting through life when you should be conquering it.

You need to decide: Is comfort worth giving up growth?

We didn't think so.

By Jae — Pencil Sharpener

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