"You wanna do this the easy way, or the hard way?"

Well, if you're looking to take control of your career path, doing things the hard way might actually be your best bet. No one ever scored their dream job by being passive and hopeful. Instead, it takes confident action to unapologetically get exactly what you want.

Being a little bit ballsy, taking risks, and surprising people could completely pay off for your career and your forever job. Feeling a little like it's the first day of school and you don't know anyone? Try a couple of these ballsy moves and fake it until you make it.

1. Make a Cold Call

Connections are everything to your career path: They get your foot int the door, get you the best information, and can even get you the job. So make a couple of cold calls to make those connections. Dial up someone you wish would be your mentor or ask to speak with someone you totally admire. That way, you make a connection and pick a brain simultaneously.

2. Step Up

No, we don't mean in a street breakdance battle way: Stepping up means taking the lead. From work projects to a volunteer opportunity, taking the reins could mean awesome work experience and getting noticed.

3. Take the Risk

So what if you've never taken a coding course? Maybe you'd be totally awesome at it. And maybe that job posting doesn't really align with your experience, but if you want it, go for it. Risky business might not always pay off in the way you'd hope, but it's almost always awesome experience and can lead to some incerdible opportunities.

Here's the thing: If the potential outcome of a risk is better than your current situation, it's probably worth looking into.

4. Call Someone Out - Politely

We all know that guy: The one who takes credit for everyone's work or piles most of it on you. Be a little ballsy and politely call that person out. If he's taking credit for your idea in a work meeting, try "Oh, thanks for bringing up that point I had," or "Why don't you let me take the lead on this one?" Work bullies suck, so you need to prove that you can't be pushed around once and for all, without physical violence of course.

5. Hop on a Plane

Really wanna push out of your comfort zone? Book a trip to somewhere you've never been. Whether you decide to teach English in South Korea or backpack across Croatia, travel can make you feel way more confident in your abilities to communicate and be self-sufficient. It can also give you a fresh perspective on what you really want to do and who you want to become.

6. Give an Ultimatum

Alright, it's time to strap on your armor and give an ultimatum if you're not happy with the way things are going. You can tell your boss that you want more responsibility or you're out or tell your parents that you'll stick it through one more semester of college, but then you get to decide what's next. You can even give an ultimatum to yourself: Set a concrete goal and a consequence for not reaching that goal. Ultimatums mean business, so while they might be ballsy, they can have awesome outcomes.

Playing it safe might have a few advantages, but growth, development, and an epic career path aren't usually part of those benefits. If you want to jump start your career and make sure you're getting the most out of every decision, getting a little ballsy proves that you're confident and ready for whatever happens next.

By Jae — Puppeteer

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