You spend so much time at the coffee shop that your barista is practically a member of your family, but have you ever considered becoming a barista yourself? A barista is rarely "just" a barista.

If you're all about a fast-paced environment and your friends are literally so sick of you being a total coffee snob, it might be the perfect job for you. Here's why:

1. An Endless Supply of Coffee

One of the main perks baristas get? It's endless (perfect) cups of coffee. What's more, because you'll get to know the ins and outs of all things coffee, that endless supply of java becomes more refined over time.

2. Getting to Know the Community

You can definitely expect to get to know your regulars as they come in for their caffeine fix every morning. That means you'll get an amazing chance to get to know your community better, which can translate to different connections and opportunities outside of the coffee shop.

3. Morning Starter

If you're a barista, you might be the starting point for most customers' days. Seeing a smiling face, having a little conversation, and getting that first sip of coffee can be a positive ritual, and as a barista, you get to set the tone and make sure your customers have amazing days.

4. Impressing Your Friends

Once you start to build out your knowledge on all things coffee, you can totally use those skills to impress your friends. You'll learn about the history, origin, and flavor profiles of different types of coffee beans, and you'll be able to help your friends order their next perfect cup.

5. Smooth Moves

Learning cool barista techniques, like the "high pour" doesn't only help you create the perfect cup of coffee, but it makes you look like a total pro, too.

Try it at parties.

6. Tips!

The very best coffee customers know that baristas love tips, and you'll be the happy recipient of a few extra bucks that really add up. Consider it coffee karma: You do an amazing job making sure customers get the exact cup of coffee they want, and you get a little kickback in return.

The next time you head to your favorite coffee shop, talk to your barista. You might be surprised at the career path that got her there and can pick up some tips on how to be the best barista ever. If you're a team player who loves being social and appreciates all things coffee, being a barista might be the perfect java-fueled job for you.

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