When you're looking to expand your career options, one of the best ways is to also expand your knowledge. By increasing what you know, you boost your resume and make yourself look more attractive to employers.

One of the best ways to do this is using online courses. Hey, you don't need dorms and lectures to learn something. Online learning is a great way to be more employable, but there are some myths floating around that could hold you back. Get to know the real deal behind online learning to decide whether or not it's your jam.

Myth #1: Online Learning is Expensive

It's true that some courses cost money, much like a traditional post-secondary learning institution. But a ton (and we mean A TON) of courses out there are totally free. Between websites, podcasts, YouTube, and even courses through local colleges and universities, there's a good chance you can find a course for free.

Here are some great resources for free online learning:


Khan Academy

Code Academy


Myth #2: Employers Won't Take Online Learning Seriously

Some think that because education didn't happen in a formal classroom setting, employers won't take it seriously. But with the rise of online learning has come a new respect for those willing to seek out and complete learning on their own.

Think about it: If looking at two nearly identical resumes, which one would you choose? The one without extra qualifications, or the one that has completion certificates for online classes?

Myth #3: Online Learning is Like, So Easy

If you're looking for an easy way out, don't look at online learning. Just like traditional classrooms, online courses can be challenging and take up time and effort. Don't expect to sign up for a class and coast through to a certificate or completion, because course administrators will still require you to do the work, submit assignments, and even take tests.

Myth #4: You're On Your Own with Online Learning

It's true that in order to excel in online learning, you have to be OK with working on your own. But that doesn't mean you're flying totally solo. Many courses let you interact with other students and the instructor via chats, forums, and email. If you feel like you learn better in a group, just actively search for courses with tons of interaction between users.

Myth #5: You Have to Take a Formal Course

Newsflash: Any time you look something up, watch a tutorial, or read an article online, you're participating in online learning. Your education doesn't have to be formal. Sure, if you need a specific certification, a formal course is the way to go, but if you're just looking to get better and become more knowledgeable, you can create your own learning pathway by searching for videos, watching talks, and curating articles to help you become an authority in whatever career you want.

Whether you take a specific course or you're learning a la carte, the Internet is for more than just memes. And, when you're not going to college, you can create your own amazing learning experience without all the stress and bad dorm food.