You got an awesome job opportunity – you're the champ. But whether you're starting from the bottom or you're somewhere in the middle, the only way is up. If you already work for an amazing company, your next move should be to the corner office, not the break room. Keep that in mind and you'll be on the fast track to a promotion like, tomorrow.

1. Save the Drama

...for your mama, etc, etc.

If you're a natural-born drama queen (or king!), your supervisor sees you as someone who needs to be managed. If you've got an issue, solve it quickly and quietly, because the stomping of feet will fall on deaf ears when it comes time for promotions. Prove that you can take care of yourself by showing maturity, executing communications skills, and keeping the finger-pointing to a minimum.

2. Get Social

Everyone's heading out for Happy Hour on Friday after work? Be there. Your boss is starting a running group? Buy some sneakers and get moving.

Here's the thing: Promotions aren't always doled out on merit alone. Personal preference and personal connections have a hefty bearing, and getting social with your work friends proves that you're a team player, so it's worth a few weeknights of being on the office Scrabble team.

We're not telling you to sell your soul or fake being somebody you're not, simply: build a geniuine relationship with coworkers. Being a team player goes a long way.

3. Know Your Job and Do it

You were hired to do a certain job and you're paid for it, so don't expect a gold star every time you meet your boss' expectations. Instead, know what's expected of you and make sure you execute time and time again to prove to your manager that you understand your responsibilities and are dependable enough for more.

4. Create a Solution

Notice that your office goes through way more paper than necessary? Speak up about a way to create and send digital documents. Does your boss have a total work flow problem? Help weed out what's clogging the system and find a way to help her stay more organized.

When you solve a problem, you prove to your manager that you're looking out for the greater good and that it's not just a 'job' for you. That's major promotion territory, my problem-solving friend.

5. Get Out of Survival Mode

We get it: You start a new job and all you want is to not get fired. But once you're out of the danger zone and start working more predictably, it's officially time to stop worrying about getting fired and start worrying about exceeding expectations. Hey, you already know what not to do. Time to focus on what you should be doing.

6. Speak Up

Good luck getting a promotion if your manager only knows your name because of your name tag. If you want to rise through the company, you need to make a splash. Speak up in your next meeting, or send a clearly-worded email if you respectfully disagree with a new policy. Don't be scared of offending: A good boss wants (and needs) people who challenge the status quo on her team.

7. Be a Cheerleader

If you really want to rise through the ranks, you're going to need a lot of support. That's why it pays to be a cheerleader and support to your coworkers. When Judy comes up with a killer marketing idea, be the first person to offer kudos. If Pete is totally slammed with work, offer to take some of his workload. Being the workplace cheerleader means you're ready to be an amazing leader and help grow the company.

Promotions might seem as slippery to snag as an anchovy in bacon grease, but you don't have to be a total kiss-up to get one. By showing of your skills and being a confident member of the team, you invite your managers to take a second look and give you the responsibility you crave.

By Jae — Alpaca Groomer

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