If interior decorators had a nickel for every time a person thought they did nothing but choose paint colors, they could pool their money and purchase a perfectly-arranged island for retirement.

Seriously, while you might think interior decorators are all about area rugs and paint chips, those on the inside tell a different tale. Here are some things that only interior decorators know about their jobs.

1. It's More Than Just Fabric and Paint

Yes, interior decorators do help choose the right paint and textiles for a room, but their job is actually much more than that. In making those choices, interior decorators help increase the functionality of the space, all while setting an appropriate tone or atmosphere. They're pretty much an army of mood-making jedi. They're controlling your thoughts. Right. Now.

2. Decorating Isn't Always Glamorous

In movies, the decorator always lives a lush life, working in a perfectly feng shui-ed office space, surrounded by swatches of pastels and perfectly sculpted bonsai trees.

In real life, there are some non-glam parts of decorating, including schlepping boxes, ordering furniture, and even accounting.

3. Decorators Get Physical

Hope you like working on your fitness, because if you follow the path to becoming an interior decorator, things are going to get pretty physical. Since many decorators work solo, there's no paid crew to shove couches around, carry boxes upstairs, and move discerning clients out of the way to hang the perfect picture.

4. Decorators Can't Stop Being Decorators Like, Ever

Dedicated to your craft much? Interior decorators don't ever take time off, only because they can't stop, won't stop looking at designs, considering layouts and wondering why that Italian restaurant has Spanish tiles on the floor.

That's mostly because decorators live, breathe, sleep, and eat design. It's delicious.

5. Decorators Offer a Huge Menu of Services

Too often, clients only hire interior decorators when an entire house needs an update or overhaul. But most decorators actually have a huge menu of services available, whether it's going shopping for the perfect tchotchke for a coffee table or redoing an entire office in Facebook blue.

6. Decorators Would Rather Lend a Hand than See Bad Design

"Ughhhh mom, how many times do I have to tell you that mint and orange don't go together?" Call it the decorator's lament: They're so passionate about what they do that they'll often step in pro bono to help out a friend and fix bad design without evening realizing it.

Unfortunately, this also means that interior decorators are sometimes more concerned with design than invoicing but hey, at least Mom's living room looks great.

7. Design Tech is Seriously Cool

It's not all about mood boards and color swatches, my friends. Today, interior decorators are using seriously awesome tech to show 3D renderings, create plans, and even show clients exactly what the finished product will be. You might say that modern-day interior decorating is the perfect combo of creative ability and tech savvy.

Becoming an interior decorator means using your creative abilities in a pretty precise way. If you find you can't turn off your mind when it comes to color, layout, and tone, it might be an artistic career that lets you flex some of your tech muscles, too.

Want to know what it takes to get started on the path to becoming an Interior Decorator? Clicker here to follow the path.

By Jae — Air Freshener Scent Architect

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