One of the oldest pieces of career advice is to make yourself completely indispensable to your boss and you'll surely climb the ladder to success. But, uh, small problem: They never tell you exactly how you're supposed to make yourself as indispensable as a breath mint after a garlic-infused meal. Terrible analogy.

Luckily, we exist and have a few ideas on how to make your boss fall madly in love with you – in a completely profesh way, of course.

1. Mirror His/Her Best Traits

Okay, we don't mean you should show up to work dressed just like your boss, but it does help to observe some of your fearless leader's strengths. If your boss is super organized, chances are she values that same trait in her employees and will love it if you show up on time, pay attention to deadlines and keep the hamburger crumbs off of your desk.

2. Improve Your Likability

Not everyone is going to always like you, but you can improve your likability factor at work. Stuff like your willingness to pitch in, your overall attitude and even your body language can change how people (and your boss) view you professionally. Make an effort to be well-liked and your team mindset gets you noticed.

3. Do What You Say

You'd be surprised at how far just doing what you say you'll do will get you at work. Here's a #protip: If you say you'll finish a project, actually do it. Seriously, your boss will eat it up.

4. Provide Regular Updates

Wanna make your boss have a stage 5 meltdown? Keep her out of the loop. But, if you want a happy boss who loves you, quick progress reports and a scheduled ETA means you're the star employee who gets to order lunch on the company account. Which clearly means one thing, Chipotle with guacamole. Ballin.

5. Take Responsibility When You Screw Up

Yeah, we know it sucks when you totally botch something at work. But a love-worthy employee knows how to apologize, take responsibility and then fix that mistake – even before it becomes a huge deal. Look at you, being all proactive!

6. Suggest, Don't Complain

Here's a sneaky way to get what you want and still be an amazing employee: Instead of complaining about what you don't like, try suggesting an improvement. Can't stand the way your company does training? Then suggest a method that takes less time and still boosts performance and suddenly, your grievance because a way to show off your problem-solving skills.

7. Make Life Easier

You have a boss, not a babysitter. Do yourself a favor and get stuff done before she even asks, making your boss' life way easier. That's really how you make yourself indispensable to the company and more attractive for promotions and raises.

Look: If you're the kind of employee that gives minimal effort, you're going to get minimal output. But if you're really focused on getting as far as you can with an organization, you're going to have to do the things that will make it easy for your boss fall in love with you. Maximum input = max benefits: That's just basic math. It is. Ask a teacher.

By Jae — Whale Watcher

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