Everyone has that one coworker: He takes credit for other people's work and constantly makes excuses to leave early. But just be glad that you don't have to work with sloths, who are absolutely the worst coworkers of all time.

They Flirt with Jan in Accounting Instead of Finishing Progress Reports

You know, because workplace relationships are always a good idea.

They Lie About Why They Can't Come into Work

"Should I call in sick? Or fake a funeral again?"

They Act Surprised About a Due Date They Totally Knew About

"I'm sorry, that storyboard was due today? GET MY ASSISTANT IN HERE!"

They Never Listen to Anyone Else's Ideas

"Shhhhh no that's stupid."

They Avoid Responsibility

"We can see you, Bill. You still have to be at the 3 p.m. meeting."

They Blatantly Refuse to do Anything

"Finish this order today? Yeah, probably not."

They Take Long Lunches

"You went to Subway three hours ago, Daphne."

They're Actually Showoff Jerks

"Wow, Hank, you were on the college football team? Nobody cares, get back to work."

Ugh, sloths, amiright? Suddenly your annoying coworker doesn't seem so bad after all.

By Jae — Offroad Unicyclist

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