We'll never knock the hard work and dedication that it takes to get a college degree. Unfortunately, employers don't always have that same level of respect. While that grad moment might be one for the scrapbooks, overconfident grads might miss the boat when it comes to translating college knowledge into real-life experience. Here are some expectations that college grads might get wrong.

1. Graduation is Followed by an Instant Dream Job

Oh, so you're looking for your dream job in the summer? So is everyone else who graduated. Competition is stiff and you might end up working just about any job to make ends meet and pay off student loans in the interim.

2. A Degree is the Same as Experience

Let's put it this way: Who would you rather have operate on your brain? A person who learned about brain surgery, or someone who's actually successfully done it?

We rest our case.

3. College is the End of All Education

Hey, don't burn those textbooks just yet there, grad! While you might have a degree, the best employees and entrepreneurs are the ones that know learning never stops. Taking online courses, workplace training, attending conferences/workshops and always keeping skills sharp can make all the difference in staying relevant, educated and in-demand.

4. They'll be Moving to the Big City

First comes grad, then comes a big job in the big city, right?

Uh, more like first comes grad, then comes moving back in with your parents because you're in debt and can't find a job to pay rent and student loans. But hey, at least you have an in-house cook!

5. Those Designer Sweatpants were a Great Investment

J/K, they totally weren't: Turns out, what was OK for class isn't OK for the work force. Probably time to invest in some khakis and a pair of sensible heels.

6. Their College Friends will be Friends Until the End of Time

And you'll totally keep in touch... until all of your friends start getting jobs and you have to hide them from your Facebook feed because it makes you ragey. Uh, catch you at the reunion?

7. A Degree Immediately Increases How Much They'll Make

Sure, college grads have the potential to earn more money over a period of time, but without any experience, it probably means an entry level position and (near) minimum wage. Hey, you'll still have to prove your worth if you want to make more.

8. They're Going to Love Their Chosen Industry

Spend four years getting to your dream job and then realizing that it's not your dream job after all? Hello, total waste of time. Just because you were interested in a topic in high school and decided to spend 4 years studying it, doesn't mean it's your life calling.

9. College is the Best Four Years of Their Lives

Um, let's hope not. There's a lot more life to live past college credits and graduation parties. Those who call college the "best four years" basically set themselves up for peaking at 21.

By Jae — Wizard of Light

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