Started from the bottom and now you're... still kind of at the bottom. Hey, it's not like you were going to become CEO overnight, right? And while entry level jobs can sometimes get a bad rap, they're actually the perfect foundation for a killer career. Just make sure you understand both the awesome and the awkward when it comes to hanging out at the bottom of the totem pole – just for now.

Little Bit Awesome: Getting Your Foot in the Door

So what if your dream job isn't advertised online? One of the best parts of snagging an entry level position is the fact that it helps you get your foot in the door. Once they see how amazingly awesome you are, and how ready you are to work hard and learn fast, BOOM: Promotion.

Little Bit Awkward: A Lot of Competition

Um, that foot you're getting in the door? It might get stepped on. The thing about entry level jobs is that they typically have a lot of competition, from interns to college grads. Luckily, you know how to stand out and reign supreme thanks to a genius resume and killer interview skills.

Little Bit Awesome: Starting in Your Chosen Industry

Instead of spending years in school or working dead-end jobs, taking an entry level position in your chosen industry means your experience starts on day one. Who's fast-tracking to dream life status? You are!

Little Bit Awkward: You Might Get Stuck with Grunt Work

That's the thing about entry level jobs: Sometimes, they come with entry level tasks. The trick is to smash all expectations, whether you're grabbing coffee or shredding papers like a boss.

Little Bit Awesome: Tons of Growth Potential

The only way to go from the bottom is up, right? That's why if you're performing well and exceeding expectations, you get a direct line to a position that you love based on experience rather than a degree.

Little Bit Awkward: Having Higher-Ups Refer to You as "Pal" and "Sport" Because You're New

Hey Champ, it's OK. They do it because they love you. Or can't remember your name. Don't worry though: You'll make them remember your name with your awesomeness, great ideas and talent. Also, a name tag, written in giant block letters.

Little Bit Awesome: Gaining Experience in Your Field

Your resume is the real beneficiary here: With an entry-level job, you fill out that "Experience" section with experience that you know, actually matters. This can help you score promotions or find a job that you seriously love while everyone else is coasting on stuff they read about instead of actually did.

Little Bit Awkward: Making Less

Real talk here? Entry level positions usually don't pay as much as more advanced positions. But while you make less to start, there's plenty of room to grow and make more.

Little Bit Awesome: You Have an Easy Out

Don't love the job you've got? You're not in all that deep. Luckily, you haven't spent thousands of dollars getting a degree to work in an industry that you might not love. Entry level positions are like buffets: A great way to find out what you love and what you want to leave for the waiter to pick up.

There's something to be said for starting from the bottom: Just ask Drake. Consider taking on an entry level job and you'll score experience, a foothold in your chosen industry and a better grasp of what a job actually entails, all from day one on the job.

Now we here.

By Jae — Battle Rapper

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