They say that if you do something that you really love, you'll never work a day in your life. But what if you love the most is coffee? Usually, when you think of coffee-related careers, you probably come up with two options: Own a coffee shop or work in a coffee shop. And while both of those are awesome options, you might be surprised at some of the careers available to coffee connoisseurs. Check out where your love/obsession/life's work of coffee could get you.


"Cupper" is the formal term for a coffee taster. Yes, someone has the enviable job of tasting coffee all day, every day. You can read a profile on a real-life coffee taster here, but here's the nitty gritty: The highest level of tasters undergo a test of their palate called the Q Grader, which quizzes you on your understanding of different flavors, roasts, and undertones. You don't have to take the test right away, of course. But you can get started now by attending tastings, trying new coffee brands and blends, and getting to know all things coffee. Hey, if that's studying for a test, we want IN.


Think about all the components that go into making the perfect cup of coffee at your favorite shop. Different machines, techniques, beans: you name it. And, for all of that gear, there's someone who works in sales that got those products and machines into that shop.

Coffee sales means you know your products inside and out and it means visiting coffee shops all over the country. If you've worked in a coffee shop before, you already have the perfect foundation for selling coffee-related products wholesale. Just look for sales openings with your favorite coffee brands or products.


Roasting coffee beans is an art form. A delicious, delicious art form. For every bean that makes it into a cup of Joe, someone had to prep, test, and roast the beans to perfection. It's a job usually done in the manufacturing facility for the coffee brand, but it's more than your average assembly line job. Roasters spend time in front of the roaster (obviously) testing and adjusting various levels until everything is perfect. You'll get your foot in the door by snagging a job at a coffee manufacturer or roastery. You might be working in different areas of the facility, but you can definitely work your way toward the awesome smell of roasting coffee to secure an awesome career.


For every coffee salesperson, there's a coffee buyer--the person responsible for choosing the products that will be sold in coffee shops. Coffee buyers might stay local, tasting and choosing everything from coffee blends to the other snacks sold in the shop. Other buyers travel the world to find exotic blends and new resources to make their shop in higher demand. Whether you stay at home or go abroad, the best buyers are those that have worked in coffee shops as baristas, so they know what makes a good bean and superior cup.

If you're already a barista or work in a coffee shop, you might be on your way to an amazingly satisfying career. Use all of that coffee knowledge and your love of all things java might pay off big time.