When will society understand that college isn't for everyone? One-size-fits-all education experiences are like, so 2004. Today, education happens in and outside of the classroom, and happens just as much (or more) in the workforce as it does in a college lecture.

Unfortunately, a lot of llamas (and people) end up in traditional college experiences when they really wish they could get started with some work experience ASAP. Or worse, they end up in a school they know nothing about in a program they aren't interested in because they simply didn't know what else to do. And if you find yourself staring out the window, wondering when you'll ever use college-level calculus again, maybe you can learn from one Llama who made the discovery college wasn't right for her.

First, llama was hopeful:

All your friends go to college, right? This is what all llamas do when they want to become adults. So llama, did the natural thing. Let's go, co-eds!

Then came the boredom.

Oh good, another lecture about post-modern war literature. Siiiiiiigh.

After that, there was sheer sadness.

Llama thought college was what she wanted, but she's realized now that it's not going to get her where she wants to go. Now she's just upset and confused

After llama had a pity party, she started getting angry and acting out.

Why didn't anyone tell her that college wasn't the only option? Thanks a lot, guidance counselors, parents and RANDOM TOURIST WALKING TO CLOSE TO HER.

Next, came an epiphany.

Llama realized she was in complete control of where she goes and what she does. She can get started in a career-path like, tomorrow.


Finally, she decided to peace out of college.

Because the only thing worse than a llama going down the wrong path is a llama going down a path that's not the right fit, wasting a ton of time and money and not turning around.

Now, llama is working on coming up with a new plan. Is she going to start her own bakery? Are there any llama-related openings in her dream industry or with her ideal company?

The best part is that, whether you're a human or a llama, we can learn from this completely true story about a college-attending llama (who preferred not to be named). It's all up to you to create the experience you want, not your professors, your parents or your guidance counselor. Just awesome you.

Now excuse me. I have to get to the REST OF MY LIFE.

By Jae — Llama Whisperer

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