Some people are totally scared of feedback (what if it's bad ?!) and so they prefer to fly under the radar. But here's the thing: if you never try to get better, you'll never get a chance to get ahead. If you want a promotion, more responsibility, and more respect, you need to show your boss that you're actively trying to improve. And the best way to do that? Asking for feedback. Here's the non-scary way to do it.

Don't Wait Around

Most organizations have annual evaluations (or something along those lines) where you sit down with management and talk about how things are going. But why wait for an evaluation? Instead, request one. It shows that you're thinking ahead, and you can strategically ask for an evaluation after you did something totally awesome so your boss won't forget.

Stop, Start, Continue

You need feedback that will help you get better, so "Great job!" isn't going to cut it. Instead, try the stop, start, continue formula for getting feedback: As your boss one thing you need to stop, something you need to start, and behavior you're currently exhibiting that needs to continue. Boom. Actionable feedback.

Write It Down

Don't just hear the feedback. Learn it. Live it. Love it. How are you going to remember everything your manager said? Write it all down and post it somewhere you'll see it often so there's no excuse not to try harder and get better.

Check Your Reaction

If some of the feedback is negative, make sure you check your reaction. Getting defensive sends a clear message that you're not really interested in changing or improving. Instead, try this in the face of a negative comment: tell your boss how you plan to get better. If he wishes you'd take more initiative, tell him you'll bring five new ideas to the table for your next meeting. If he complains that you're not always the best team player, make a commitment to reach out to your coworkers.

Yeah, asking for feedback can be a little scary; but it can also be a lot rewarding. Showing your boss that you're willing to own mistakes as well as success proves that you're the kind of person he wants around, so give it a shot.