But Mom, I'm an artist!

Sound familiar? Whether you're getting your graphic design on, you're choreographing dances Beyonce would be proud of, or you're arranging furniture, "creative careers" can be the perfect outlet if you're more comfortable in a smock than a cubicle.

And why not? Today, there's more for an artist than creating typical art. Those in creative careers know that art can be found in the perfect kitchen, a marketing campaign, a website, or even the details on a car.

So, if you're right-brained like woah, you know that it's a creative career or bust. Still, while you're living your dream, you need to be prepared for some of the less-than-breathtaking parts of being in a creative field.

Little Bit Awesome: Working with Amazing, Creative Coworkers

Working in a creative field means you get to rub shoulders with people who get you: The way you process information, the way you work, and your genius with a box of colored pencils. Hello, coworker love-fest.

Little Bit Awkward: Comparing Yourself to Them

Hey, even Van Gogh had competition in his day. But even so, you might find yourself constantly comparing your skill and design to your brilliant coworkers, and that can be tough to swallow.

Little Bit Awesome: Never Getting Stuck in the Cubicle Grind

Four walls cannot contain your creative prowess, which means you're not going to get stuck in a tiny cubicle. Instead, a creative career might mean you get to work anywhere from a shared space to the great outdoors, from a convention center to a mechanic's shop. So. Many. Choices.

Little Bit Awkward: Working "Creative" Hours

When you have a creative brain that doesn't sleep, neither do you. Plan on working non 9-to-5 hours, since you might be up all night hitting deadlines, making plans, or working whenever the heck you have a stroke of genius.

Little Bit Awesome: Giving into Your Creative Flow

Creative types know that when you got it, you got it. And luckily, in a creative career, you don't have to wait until work is over to draw/create/sew/fingerpaint because THAT'S YOUR JOB.

Little Bit Awkward: Getting Stuck

Try designing a dress line when all you can think about is marshmallows. Sometimes, the well of creativity dries up, but when it's work, you have to learn to power through the block to keep getting paid.

Little Bit Awesome: Getting Paid for Something You Love

And your mom said playing all those video games wasn't worth your time. Now you're a big video game designer and who's laughing now?

Seriously though, how awesome is it to get paid for something that you love and you're great at doing?

Answer: Very awesome.

Little Bit Awkward: Not Everyone Values Your Work

Sometimes it can be hard to get people to see that working in a creative field is still work. They might not value art as a career, so breaking it to your dad that you're quitting your job to become a creative writer can make for some major push back.

Your best bet? Proving how successful you can be doing something that you live and breathe for.

Little Bit Awesome: Making a Name for Yourself

In the creative field, you never get to coast on your title. In fact, your pay, position, and success completely depends on your skill, your network and your hustle (ie. your work ethic). Making a name for yourself in your industry can set you up for a lifetime of amazing connections, super cool work, and the ability to impress at your high school reunion.

By Jae — Sous Chef

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