Hey, we see you going to work each day and doing your best. Okay, we don't actually "see" you. That's creepy and would probably count as stalking in most places. But we do get it: You're heading to work, day in and day out, and it can feel like you're not really being recognized for your effort.

But we think that if you're on the right career path, those "I've made it!" moments are coming. They might be small, but there's something super satisfying about doing what you're meant to.

Keep an eye out for these satisfying moments, which can give you a little boost when you're feeling discouraged or confused about your career path.

1. Proving Someone Wrong

Uncle Pete swore you'd never get a good job unless you went to college. Meanwhile, you're just like "LOL then what's this awesome opportunity then?"

Proving someone wrong (especially when they were negative) is probably one of the best feelings in the world, right after eating an entire pint of ice cream. Haven't proved anyone wrong yet? Keep working. You'll get there. And then you can tactfully remind those people who doubted you just how wrong they were.

2. Demolishing a Deadline

Your boss gave you a deadline, and you didn't just meet it: You put that deadline in a cage and fed it biscuits until it recognized you as Alpha.

Exceeding expectations? It feels awesome, even when you think that the task is lame. Because when you hit a deadline, your boss becomes more willing to give you more and more responsibility. And that's how you move up the food chain, my friends.

3. Getting Noticed

You've been working your butt off and it shows, because someone finally noticed all that effort. And getting acknowledge for putting in 110 percent? It. Feels. Awesome.

4. Managing a Crisis

When everyone else is in distress and you keep a cool head and take care of the problem, you finally realize that you have the capacity for bigger and better things.

Conflict management is basically Leadership 101. And if you take care of a problem once, your coworkers are more likely to look for your guidance again and again, making you their leader without even having to try.

5. Still Having Money in Your Account on Payday

At Raise Your Flag, we talk a lot about working hard to uncover your passion and the things you want more of. But let's not forget that working hard and getting your career on track isn't just about self-fulfillment: It's also about having the things you want, going the places you want to go, and experiencing everything you can. And manyt times, that takes money.

That moment you realize that it's payday and you still have money in your bank account? It basically feels like Christmas morning if Christmas morning took place at the bank.

6. Getting More Responsibility

It means your boss has recognized that you're ready to do more than just answer to others. And while it might just seem like more work, responsibility actually smells a lot like power.

7. Another Company Comes Looking

That moment when another company has heard what a good employee you are and comes knocking on your door. Finally, all of your hard work has been recognized to the point that you get to choose who you with, rather than asking someone to work with you. You've made it.

By Jae — Antiques Dealer