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Using Snapchat to Apply... for Snapchat

This guy used Snapchat as a way to apply for a job at – you guessed it – Snapchat. The results are hilarious. This should help you think outside the resume when it comes to applying for a job, too.

Anna Wintour: Career Expert

Yes, that Anna Wintour. When talking about her illustrious career, Wintour gives some of the best career advice of all time... and talks about how it affected her. And she sits next to Jay-Z at Fashion Week, so this should help you understand why failure is a good thing.

Traveling and Volunteering FTW!

Using volunteerism as a catalyst for travel is pretty genius: See the world, help people. It's called voluntourism, and this should help you match your skills and interest to a super awesome, eye-opening experience volunteering abroad.

Style @ Work

Not sure what to wear at work? Let's put it this way: If all of your coworkers are rocking mullets, do you need one too? This should help you understand the importance of a professional appearance, regardless of what everyone else at work is wearing.

Worst Ways to Quit a Job

Dramatic exits are par for the course in Hollywood dramas, but they might be less effective. Especially if you like, ever want to be employed again. This should help you find out how not to quit your job.

Best Temp Jobs

So, you need a job, but not a forever ever job? Temp and part-time work should be up your alley. But don't settle for anything: This should help you see where the best temporary jobs can be found. And who knows? It might turn into something long-term.

Meet the Pain Letter

Real talk: That carefully-crafted cover letter? Yeah, some recruiters ignore it completely. So, meet the newest way to catch a hiring manager's eye: The pain letter. It's meant to show how hiring you could reduce some of the "pain" an organization deals with. This should help you get to know the pain letter and why it totally trumps the cover letter.

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