Sure, all your friends are heading to college in the fall, but while they talk a big game about higher education and hot classmates, college isn't always what it's cracked up to be.

By entering the workforce ASAP, you're dodging a few bullets that your college-bound friends are bound to be hit by. Check out some of the dirty laundry they'll be airing come Christmas.

1. Gaining Weight

Having 24/7 access to the school cafeteria sounds great, until you make pizza breakfast, lunch, dinner and midnight snack for the entire first semester. Pair the Freshman 15 with the sweats everyone wears to class and all of a sudden you're asked to join the campus hot dog eating contest.

2. Party Social Anxiety

Yeah, college parties, right?! Until you realize that you don't know anybody, hate parties and spend the night in the corner petting a dog you found.

3. People Who Dress Like Extras from an Ugg Ad

Do we really need wool-lined boots in May? Proooobably not.

4. A Weird Roommate

Hey, you don't get to pick who you room with. You might get the football captain, but you might also get that weird kid who thinks he's on Star Trek and watches you while you sleep.

5. Study Groups

It's sometimes mandatory to work with other people, so you get to bring the muffins, do all the work and then be verbally abused when your study notes are hard to read. Because, you know, you need to learn teamwork skills.

6. Extreme, Soul-Crushing Debt

Hear that sound? It's the quiet sobs of people all over the world who just realized that they'll actually have to pay those college loans they racked up over four years of tuition, housing and food. But yeah, enjoy that degree in Fine Arts.

7. Public Showers

I don't know about you, but we prefer showering somewhere that we don't need to wear shoes to avoid a fungal infection.

8. Making Food on a Hot Plate

You might think you can make pancakes on a hot plate, but we assure you, you cannot.

Not that we have any personal experience or anything.

9. Packages from Home

Hooray! Mom sent you a package from home! Is it filled with your favorite treats and your old CDs? No, she sent you underwear, a couple of bills that came for you last week and an old shirt your dad thought you'd like to have.

10. Reading About Stuff When You Could be Doing it Instead

Because hearing stories about someone else doing something cool is so much better than actually doing it yourself. Better yet, read about it from the safety of the library while wearing your Uggs and eating cafeteria nachos. Just make sure you don't actually do anything.

11. That Professor Who Hates You for No Particular Reason

We don't know if you wore a color he hates or you sat in a chair he doesn't like, but either way: He definitely hates you.

12. Initiation

Hey, you're a Freshman! That means the upperclassmen get to tape you to walls and draw on your belly with lipstick and isn't it FUN?!

13. Constantly Being Asked "What are You Doing After College?"

And still having no clue after four years.

By Jae — Hairapist

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