Extroverts are more than just outgoing people. They actually derive energy from being around other people. Talkative and energetic, extroverts can leverage their talents to nab seriously awesome careers. Try these on for size, you party animal, you.

Event Planner

Event planners' lives and careers revolve around parties, so it kind of makes sense that extroverts would do well on this career path. But it's not all about partying professionally, but using your communication skills to tease out what clients really want and then use your connections to make it happen.

Volunteer Coordinator

It's up to a volunteer coordinator to lead and inspire volunteers to make a difference, so it makes sense that it's the right career for someone who is energetic and outgoing. Whether it's organizing community events or signing up new volunteers, coordinators work to inspire and get people excited about volunteerism.

Interior Decorator

If you're an extrovert, you love meeting new people and working with others, so interior decorating might be a perfect fit. After all, you get to talk to home and office owners and help them figure out their design aesthetic, all while giving your expertise and advice. Interior decorators can work alone or as part of a team, but they're always talking to clients, suppliers, and everyone who helps create the perfect room.

Beauty Salon Owner

Part hairdresser, part therapist, and part BFF, a beauty salon owner spends his or her days chatting up customers and dispensing advice about hair color and dating. Hey, the average hair appointment can take two to three hours, which is music to a chatty extrovert's ears. What's more, owning your own salon means creating a team of experts that you love leading and working with, so every day at work is the BEST. DAY. EVER.

Fitness Director

We're not saying that introverts can't be fitness directors, we're just saying that high-energy and outgoing individuals might be better suited to the job. Fitness directors do everything from leading classes to running gym schedules, which means keeping everyone motivated to work on their fitness. It's a fast-paced, high-octane work environment, so it's great for someone that thrives on action.

Are you constantly described as being "the life of the party?" Do you thrive on social activities and love meeting new people? Well, first, congrats: It sounds like people really like you. But second, you're primed and ready for certain careers that need people like you.