Here's the deal, writing a resume can be tough. It can get even tougher when you feel like you don't have enough experience or qualifications to include on your resume.

The key? Focus on your skills. A skill-based resume puts your skills front and center and allows potential employers to evaluate you based on those skills rather than judging you on your work experience.

The best part? Every career profile on Raise Your Flag gives you a blueprint for the type of content to include on your skill-based resume so you're not alone in trying to figure out what to include.

Below, check out a resume we created using the profile for Retail Sales Associate on the Customer Service Manager career path. Then check out the resume breakdown at the bottom of this post to see exactly how we used Raise Your Flag to come up with this resume.

Here's the finished product of a resume for a Retail Sales position:

Page 1

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Page 2

Here's exactly how we made it.

We've numbered the important sections to include on your skill-based resume on the right and we highlighted any info that we took from the Raise Your Flag profile for Retail Sales Associate using pink text.

Page 1 Breakdown

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Page 2 Breakdown

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The point is this: don't let your lack of work experience scare you from applying from a job. Use your skills as the meat for your resume and then use school experiences, team experiences and volunteer experiences to take the place of "formal work experience" and to compliment your skills.

Combine your skills and experiences with the info on Raise Your Flag career paths and you're resume should start ending up in the "we should interview this person" pile on the hiring manager's desk. And that's exactly where you want it to be.