Show us a person who doesn't like donuts, and we'll show you a liar. After all, who doesn't love layers of doughy goodness wrapped in frosting with a sweet filling center?

No one; that's who.

But the next time you find yourself with your nose pressed up against the glass, trying to choose between a Vanilla Dip and a Boston Cream, you may want to take a minute to find out what your favorite donut says about you.

1. Apple Fritter

Just like mom used to make! Filling, heart-warming, and full of soul.

If you find yourself going for the apple fritter, you're probably caring, trustworthy, and traditional. That or you just like donuts that are the size of your head.

Perfect job: Veterinarian Assistant

2. Strawberry Vanilla

As someone who loves a strawberry center, we're willing to guess that you don't shy away from the unpredictable. You want people to know what you're up to and don't mind the weird looks, they're worth it. You'd hate every day to be the same; it's like a donut without delicious jelly.

Perfect job: Event Planner

3. Chocolate Glazed

When you want chocolate-y bites of perfection, you go for the chocolate glazed donut. It proves that you're steady and reliable, but love to show off your creative side, too. You, like your favorite donut, are crowd favorite, a people-pleaser but you don't shy away from challenges.

Perfect job: Hotel Manager

4. Honey Dip

If you're down with the honey dip, you're the type that hasn't given up on your childhood dreams (and love for chocolate milk... and fear of clowns). People probably spend time telling you to grow up. You probably spend your time figuring out how to become a superhero.

You know there's a career out there that will allow you to turn your chilhood pastime and teenage hobby into a serious career.

Perfect job: Game Designer

5. Sour Cream

Sour cream donuts aren't too sweet, they're just sweet enough. We're willing to bet that you're the no-nonsense type. As sweet as you need to be to get work done. There are certain people who simply can't live without you.

You love order and having everything in it's place and seriously, you need to hurry and eat that donut outside or YOU'LL GET CRUMBS IN THE CAR!!

Perfect job: Virtual Assistant

6. Honey Cruller

Sure, the cruller doesn't look like its pastry counterparts, but that doesn't make it any less of a donut. People who love honey crullers are OK with being off the beaten path and not fitting into the mould.

Creative types; meet your donut match.

Perfect job: Fashion Designer

7. Maple Dip

Maple is a deep, bold flavor, so a maple dip donut gives you the same in-your-face taste as the person who picks it. (That person is most likely a Canadian who hasn't consumed their 70 gallon recommended intake of maple syrup for the day).

Maple donut lovers take pride in placing their order and feel loyal to the golden gooey goodness. Everytime you're beside a maple dip lover, they will try to convince you to also buy one because "they're going fast".

Perfect job: Auto Sales Manager

8. Sprinkled

If you want your food to be just as playful as you are, you're probably swayed by the cacophony of colors found on a sprinkled donut. You love things to be beautiful and have a creative side like no other. You have no problem taking something plain and making it pop.

Perfect job: Interior decorator

9. Boston Cream

Robust and surprising, the boston cream donut is like, the king of all donuts. It's the one picked first and the first to be eaten. Just like you. An ambitious go-getter, you're best in jobs where there is plenty of opportunity for growth.

Like the Boston Cream, you're well-rounded with few holes in your skill set. Everybody loves you because you get the job done like no other.

Perfect job: A Restaurant Manager at Tim Hortons

10. Double Chocolate

A confident choice for a confident person. The double chocolate donut doesn't hold back. There's no second-guessing or wondering what the ingredients are, isn't it clear? Chocolate with chocolate, covered in chocolatey chocolate.

You're not afraid to take chances and it almost always pays off. You're fun to be around and people love listening to what you have to say.

You have a thick set of skills and are highly focused on one thing, being the best that you can be.

Perfect job: Documentary Filmmaker

Two things. First, you're welcome for making you crave donuts! Second, SPOILER ALERT: We made almost all of this up. And might we suggest you "donut" let bakery foods help you decide your career path? That's what we're here for.

Well, that and horrible bakery puns.

Finally, we are super stoked to announce a new partnership with Tim Hortons. Want to learn about the awesome careers available at Tim Hortons? Head over to their employer page and see what opportunities they have available.

If you need us, we'll be over here with a box of timbits.

By Jae — Chocolatier

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