So you love painting skateboard decks. Or you're obsessed with building websites. Or you love giving your dogs a bubble bath. The problem? Your "real job" doesn't leave you enough time to do what you really want as your hobby.

Here's your life hack for that: Make your hobby your job. If you love to do it in your spare time, wouldn't it be awesome to get paid for it? Here are some simple steps to get you started.

Step One: Get Feedback

One of the crucial steps people often forget when turning their hobby into a viable business is getting feedback first. Even negative criticisms can help you hone your idea so that it's something people would actually pay for.

So, ask around: See what people would pay for your product or service, or if it's something they would want or need. Use that feedback to create a hobby job that can actually sustain a long-term business.

Step Two: Brand It

Whatever your hobby, customers are buying you as much as they are paying for a product or service. So, make sure that you brand yourself and your hobby with the right business name. Then, use social media to get the word out. Clean up your Instagram, post pictures of your hobby birthday cakes on Facebook, and make sure people know exactly what to expect when hiring you. Branding is a necessary part of the whole gig because it builds customer trust and differentiates you from your competition.

Step Three: Stay Ahead

Chances are that if you have a hobby, other people have that hobby too. And they might even be trying to make money off of that hobby, just like you. So make sure that you're constantly evolving and staying ahead of the curve by offering new products, services, and something that your competitors can't offer. You can take online courses or research business ideas to make sure you stay ahead and set the trends instead of following them around.

Step Four: Act Everyday

The most important part of turning a hobby into a job is making sure you stick with it. For the first few months, you might be dedicating your after-work time to working on your business, but if you're persistent and consistent, you might find that you're not working as much and spending more time on your own business. The trick is to make sure you're doing something to act every day on your dream of turning your hobby into your actual work. Keep hustling and people will notice what you're up to.

Hey, we know that "follow your dreams" is like, 100 percent the cheesiest career advice ever. But think about it: If you can't wait to get home and work on your hobby, why aren't you making your hobby your day-to-day instead of a way to fill spare time?