Ah, the temp job. Maybe you were offered a position at your dad's office for the fall, or maybe it's a three-week stint at a local business. Whatever the case, you might think that a temp job is just an easy way to make cash and NBD if you decide to turn it down.

But, before you say "no" and head back to the drawing board, you might want to reconsider that temp job. A couple of weeks or months could make all the difference in your long-term game, and here's why.

Temp Jobs are EVERYWHERE

TONS of businesses hire temps for various reasons, like their employees taking extended time off or to help out during seasonal rushes. That means–lucky you!–temp jobs are relatively easy to find and there's no shortage of different positions and types. You can find temp jobs by asking around and you can also go through a staffing agency that matches employees with temp positions for maximum easiness.

You Might be Surprised

A temp might seem like it's just a way to earn some quick cash, but don't be so quick to judge. You might be surprised at how much you enjoy your temp position. It's a great way to sample from a number of different industries and career options without making an extreme commitment. It's like the lunch buffet of jobs: try a little of this and a little of that to see what you like best.

Any Experience is Good Experience

Temp jobs are a great way to build up a weak resume. While it's true that a couple of weeks at a company isn't the most impressive point to highlight, you can highlight the new skills you picked up at your temp gig. You'll learn new computer systems, customer service, and other good stuff that you can proudly display on your new and improved resume when you're done.

Networking Like Woah

Wanna get your foot in an industry? Temp. Just by walking through the door and getting to know some of the people at your temp job, you're networking for your future job. Managers, colleagues, even customers and clients get to know who you are and what you want to do and can help you get there. The more people you know, the better.

Temping Could Become Permanent...ing

Who knows? What started out as a seasonal or temporary job could become something you really love for your long-term goals. Plenty of temp jobs end up becoming permanent jobs, especially if you prove that you're pretty much invaluable to the company by being such a temporary rock star.

So, the next time you hear about a temp job or you're surfing the Web and find a posting for a couple of weeks, don't immediately turn it down. While it might seem like you're derailing your current job path, a temp job might be a little detour that takes you somewhere even better.